With an innovative design that naturally supports the back, the BackRest enable user to drive, study and work for
an extensive period of time without straining their back and it has been specifically made to fit the natural contour
of back, and thus, helping to maintain correct posture, in addition, BackRest has built-in thermal function and ray
energy treatment function that help reduce backache and promote blood circulation that results in reduction of fatigue
and that helps maintain natural biorhythm.

Allowed voltage range : AC100V~220V
Adapter - Voltage range AC100V~220V
Output Voltage DC 12V~14V
Output Current 2A
Cigarette lighter adapter is activated through power supply of each vehicle.
Composition : Low level laser of medical treatment, Vibration of medical treatment

Warm Temperature(60)
Waist Rest(Vibratil Massage + Warm Temperature)
Attached with functional controller(One touch 5 setting through microcomputer)
Massagist function : Good to lumbago and shoulder stitch owing to the multi-functional massagist functions

The back of Automobile Seats.
The back of Office Chairs.
The back of student Chairs.
Driving drowsiness prevention.
Posture support function.