his Rolling massage generates very low frequency with the alternating functions of push and
pull in time of rotating rolling massage, equipped with natural frictional heat (around 40)
by rubbing, massaging and beating the abdomen full of fats. Fats are released with the
frictional heat, dissolved with the rolling massage with the device, which shows excellent
effects in dissolving the fats by helping contribute to a good metabolism. Also, it relives the
stiffness in waist, arm, leg, shoulders and thigh as well as muscle pain, so it is widely used
for men, women and children including senior people, students and employees, as the
state-of-the-art living medical equipment.

Input Power : DC18~27V
Output Power : 2000mA
Power Consumption : 72W 0.05W
Micom : Rolling Massage Function Control

Equipped with the two running motors, the ergonomically designed rotating system with four individual rotating rollers
two in one per one motor) forms one Rolling system. For the sophisticatedly designed medical device, the individual system equipped with
different two motors adheres closely to the body shape and massages with rolling to every corner of the body such as curved
and winding part of abdomen etc.
This ergonomic and cutting-edge living medical device allows the medical magnetism, with the very low frequency which is being
generated with north, south and north south of four medical magnets rotating from rotating rolling system equipped with 2 motors,
deeply penetrates into the skin of the body to strongly influence in easing the pain in the muscle and knee joint.

The medical device equipped with multi-functional comprehensive health management and healing function.
Provided with multi-functional health management and healing function, the ergonomic medical device is designed to separate
the abdominal binder and the main body, which is the sophisticated medical general stimulus device for health management
and healing at home, office or during the trips.