As BIO-MAX is the multi-purpose and multi-function product aiming at cure, as well as skin care through vibration for medical treatment and LEPT(Low Energy Photo Therapy),it is the cutting-edge beauty medical instrument that is possible to be used anywhere due to being simply portable with the elegant design that used high-tech circuit.

Material: Heat Resistant ABS  Product Net weight : 55g(exclude battery)

Accepted range of input power : DC2.4V~DC3.5V     

Rated current : Full Operating 500mA Input Voltage : AA Size Battery 2EA

Based on skin treatment by skin resistance measuring, BIO-MAX has the aesthetic & message function through skin therapy medical laser & nasal (nose) therapy medical laser and Vibration massage function through medical vibration. Therefore BIO-MAX is usable for overall skin control as well as aesthetic usage. It is digital aesthetic medical device that has variable functions and unique design for convenient use in any places.

Skin resistance(moisture amount)measuring device

BIO-MAX checks and displays your skin type on LCD indicator within a few minutes whether your skin is dry or oily. Therefore, it helps you to choose the right cosmetics for your skin and makes you to control your skin easily.


Skin therapy function of medical laser

1. relieves pain 2.accelerates cell division 3.revitalizes cell 4. works to immune cell

5. works as anti-inflammatory 6. improves blood circulation.


Medical vibration Massage function

1 capillary is generated increasingly and damaged blood vessel is recovered rapidly.

2 promotes the composition of RNA & DNA

3 suppresses irritation of nervous system

4 prevents infection with immunity function

5 accelerates acetylcholine release

6 helps natural recovery of tissue with accelerated operation of fibroblast.


Nasal(nose) radiation function of medical laser

It relieves high blood pressure and keeps normal blood pressure.