The charging of some 7 minutes enables to enjoy a 3-hour warming by the stone kiln.
A wireless method does not allow restricting activity or place.
The product is available for any part of body.

Far infrared and anion release.
Transfer and use is a convenient wireless product.
Inexpensive electronicity cost.
Bodily various region use.
Heat massage function.

This product is specially designed for the persons suffering from back pain or abdominal pain.
The Health Zone is a supplementary product to promote health in daily life, and it helps to support back area when you study,
or drive long hours especially for the persons with weak back, or for the elderly. Its function of maintaining back health and
ergonomic design enable to keep correct posture. It also relieves the back pain and improves blood circulation by thermotherapy
and low-power optical laser treatment so as to recover from the fatigue and to activate biorhythm.