It has functions for lessening muscle pain for health care. It is a device for health care or alleviation of muscle pain at home. This product is ergonomically designed for heating pad of joint region.
It is possible to wear and apply the product in joint regions such as knees, elbow etc.
Lockup part is locked in upper and lower sides so adhesion is easy and wearing sensation and flexibility are great.
It is possible to use with stabilization by automatic shutdown through preventing overheating after attaching sensor for overheating prevention.
You can have some effects of beryl type elvan since the product is heated with heater after putting elvan balls into knee protection device.

Putting on the product before exercise makes your knee movement smooth and lessen pain which results in good exercise.
It is advised to use the product 2-3 times a day each for 30 minutes.
It is advised to wear knee protection or thin clothes. Please be cautious when contacting to bare skin due to risk of burn.
When pain is gone after putting on the product, it is advised to exercise using knees or to walk on a regular basis.